Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Panadería España Repostería

Recently someone asked me about the best food I had in San Juan, and I realized that I never blogged about one of the most amazing eateries I've found in all of my travels! My mistake! Well, here it is:

If I had to submit my "must eat" San Juan foodie destination, it would be Panadería España Repostería on the main strip in Isla Verde. I was lucky enough to live super close to this place, although it took me a month to try it because it is always packed with locals (I was inimidated!). I wish I had tried it sooner, this is really a gourmet haven on a strip lined with Burger Kings and Long John Silvers. It is a Spanish deli/bakery/anything you could possibly want-ery, and all of their (amazing) food is freshly made daily. Their selection of sandwiches feature freshly carved (not briney "deli-style") meats, like pastrami (my fave), cubano, lechón, steak, etc. Their soup selection was actually my favorite, as their fabada (a Spanish bean stew) and Caldo Callego are to DIE for. They are served in a big bowl with hunks of buttery, garlicky bread. Those soups are one of the things I miss most about Puerto Rico! Next up are all sorts of salads, like ensalada de pulpo (octopus salad), ensalada de camarones (shrimp salad), and potato salad. They also have a selection of fritters and other fried goodies, which I never tried but I am sure are delicious, as they are big sellers. Other Spanish favorites include tortilla española with or without Spanish chorizo, fresh paella, and tons of cured Serrano ham. To top it all off, there is a dessert selection to top all dessert selections. With more gourmet cakes, pies, and pastries than you could possibly want to try in the balmy San Juan humidity, Panadería España rounds out its delicious food selection, making it far and beyond my favorite foodie destination in all of San Juan.

Oh, I wish I had bowl of fabada at this very moment, and I don't even have a picture of it...I guess I'll have to wait until the next time I visit San Juan. :(

No big flashy lights to mark this Spanish food Mecca


Can you see the rolled cakes and the giant hanging Serrano hams?

Sandwich Cubano and Pastrami Sandwich

Tortilla Espanola (sin chorizo)

Caldo Gallego

Caldo Callego and a deconstructed Pastrami sandwich

Panadería España Repostería
Centro Comercial Villamar, Marginal Baldoriti de Castro, Isla Verde
A5 bus line


Speaking Boricua said...

I've always noticed this place (it... kind of sticks out) but never actually eaten there. I guess I will next time I get the chance!

Felix-Le-Chat said...

Thank you. Now I'm hungry.

daliceh said...

I lived in Puerto Rico for 20yrs and I loved going to this place every sunday after church to have some calgo gallego with garlic bread. I currently live in San Diego, CA and for 8yrs I have been craving having this soup. But I dont know the recipe. If anyone has the exclusive recipe that La Reposteria Espana uses, I will be so grateful if someone can email it to me. Thanks! Dalice

Renee said...

I have to second daliceh's plea. If anyone knows the recipe for the fabada or the caldo gallego, I would be forever and ever in your debt. It's so delicious, and I miss it so much :(

raqs said...

I am so delighted in finding this blog! I was searching for pics and places in Puerto Rico, and I came across your blog photo of Panaderia España. Its actually my father in law's place. Me and my husband live in Miami FL, and we go visit his family every year. This bakery is THEE BOMB! Hard working simple people, the best and freshest ingredients, and a lot of love :) The Caldo Gallego is the best i have ever had, and i have had it in Spain also. As a matter of fact, we r leaving to PR this Friday, so will try to get the secret recipe for the fabada and the caldo. Here is a pic of more delicious food:)

And this is the owner, Pepe.

Arita said...

I just went to Puerto Rico this past summer after not being there in ten years, stayed in Isla Verde and went to the panadería one eventful morning...the best cafe con leche, pastelillo de guayaba, quesito and mallorca!! My husband...who is american and his first time there said...the best coffee he has ever had hands down!! I love reading all your experiences...nice!

Arita said...
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