Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Puerto Ricans Among the World's Happiest

According to a new study, Puerto Rico, along with Denmark and Columbia, leads the world in terms of happiest people. The United States ranked 16th.

I'm not sure exactly what makes Puerto Ricans so happy, but I bet it has something to do with this...


:: VEGA :: said...

Hi Renee:

I found your blog via Speaking Boricua and I love it!, It makes me feel closer to my little island.

I moved to NY three years ago for work from PR (I was born & raised there) and I can certainly say that the happiest days of my life I spent them there... besides having all my family there — I think is the breeze, the food, the rhythm, the friendliness, everything!

I just hope NY don't break my joyful spirit :(

I will keep reading your blog — hope you enjoy your stay!



Renee said...

I'm sure it won't break your spirit. Maybe you'll even have a little extra spirit to share with some of your fellow New Yorkers!