Monday, July 14, 2008

Nothing To Do With Puerto Rico, Sorry.

So I wanted to do a little post about the sheer number/concentration of fast food restaurants in Puerto Rico, especially as they relate to the nutrition problems on the island. I've literally never seen so many Burger Kings in one spot. But while in the middle of my researching, I found this horror and thought I MUST share it with you:

The McDonald's Trip Planner

What's this fun little feature? Well, you can actually plan your family vacation/road trip based around McDonald's restaurants! Just type in your start and end destination, and McDonald's will conveniently map out your trip so you can stop and visit all of their locations along the way!

Good lord, people. If you plan your family trip around McDonald's locations, you should really be tarred and feathered. STOP EATING THIS CRAP! And not just because it's terrible for you. Which by the way, it is. But also, there are so many other delicious foods in the world, why on EARTH would you put this garbage in your mouth?


Speaking Boricua said...

That's freaky.

What I'm impressed with is the Tacomakers... I wrote about it a little here:
What kind of American fast food company has about 90% of its stores outside the US? aka 94 restaurants in a puny 78 municipalities... THAT isn't right (but still kind of funny).

Renee said...

Haha, I've actually been meaning to try Tacomakers. But perhaps I won't...