Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Friends and New Prospects

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

So things in Puerto Rico are looking on the up and up. This morning I talked with the Coqui Inn, and it turns out I can get a little apartment here for $700 a month, with everything included. Really can't argue with that. Plus it has a pool, and did I mention that it is a 4 minute walk to the beach?

I went to see the woman across the way who has a beautiful house with 4 apartments. She thought I should go with the hotel deal, since she couldn't offer me an apartment for less than 2500 for 2 months. She was a really nice lady, and we talked for a while, and she said she would invite me to go out in her convertible and boat and would show me how to make criollo food next week, which is so exciting. The guy at the front desk seems to think she was hitting on me, and while he may have reason to think that, I'm cool with hitting up the beach top-down convertible style. Plus she already knows I have a boyfriend and that he is coming in July (can't wait!)

Speaking of criollo food, I am FINALLY going out for some real Puerto Rican food tonight with my new friends from the hotel. I will certainly report on it later!

By the way, this morning I took a mini-trip to the docks of Old San Juan, and here is a photo from that. The reason I'm making a weird face is that there was a guy standing behind the photographer asking me if it hurt when I fell from heaven, and I think I was in shock that people actually still use that line.

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