Friday, June 20, 2008

"If your eyes were two crystal blue pools, I would dive from your eyebrows into their depths and never come up for air."

I'm sick of getting hit on. :(


Felix said...

You get them all don't you?

I think this is something you should definitely keep doing. Random posts with horrible pick up lines. What would make it even better is if snapped a picture of them and but them on BLAST right on here.

Renee said...

Actually, the funniest part of this whole thing was that the guy said it in Spanish, and then, I suppose based on my horrified face, he says, "What's wrong, you don't know what CEJAS are?"
As though me not knowing the word for eyebrows would suddenly make me say, "OHHH eyebrows!! Well, in that case..."

I just said, "I know what cejas are," and walked away.

Earlier in the day I had two other, slightly less funny ones. One man got down on one knee on the main road and started singing Boyz 2 Men's "End of the Road," (why?) and then later, my waiter says, "I will walk you out," and then we get out the door and he says, "Are you brava? Because there's a party at Brava tonight...I hope to see you there." ARE YOU BRAVA? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Seriously, one day I would like a normal nice boy to say, "Hello there, my name is X, can I buy you a drink?" Because being a wacko magnet is killer on the self-esteem.